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(1)Please fill in the following information accurately , it will help us deal with your complaints promptly.

(2)Consumer Notice carefully as well as the other rules..

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Thank you for your trust , in the face of e-commerce bad faith behavior , to choose EBS Onlie Dispute Resolution Service for you to solve troubles. In order to protect your rights and solve your problems as soon as possible , we suggest you firstly confide your troubles to the seller . Then if you are not satisfied with the result given by the seller, You can protect rights through online mediation application or online arbitration. .

How will we handle your complaint ?

After you successfully submit an online complaint , firstly we will verify wether the problems you mentioned belong to our service area , then if your application is accepted , we will contact and urge the seller to responsethe complaint within 2 workdays since the day of acceptance of your complaints by us. If you are still unsatisfied with the result of the seller's settlement ,you can put foward an online application for mediation to us, then we will generally make lawers and mediators handle your case within 10 workdays from the date you apply for further mediation.

Warm Tips

(1)If you can not find the relevant enterprise , please click on the next step .

Warm Tips :

(1)please fill in the information below, it will help us deal with your complaint timely , and the Onlie Dispute Resolution Center will verify the complaint information you've filled .

(2)Please respect each other and be responsible for your own words and behavior .

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To facilitate our quick and effective handling, it is advisable to upload as much evidence as possible (including but not limited to order screenshots, chats, product images, receipt certificates, etc.)

Note: (1)Each type of related material can only upload up to 5, and each evidence shall not exceed 2M at size; (2)We only support the following file formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, png and bmp, pdf format; (3) we recommend that you follow the picture sample for evidence collection.

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